Health and medical journalism

Inside Surgery

This biannual magazine reports about translational research, patient care advances, and innovative training programs in the Department of Surgery at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. I write, edit, and manage print production of the magazine, and then adapt content across multiple  platforms (Web, digital signs, and social media). Our audience includes hospital leaders, faculty, alumni, prospects, and donors. You can read some stories here.


Harvard Mental Health Letter

For four years, I wrote and managed print production of The eight-page Harvard Mental Health Letter, a monthly newsletter published by Harvard Health Publications (a for-profit consumer health division of Harvard Medical School). As the communications industry changed, I also wrote blog posts and worked with our digital production team to adapt and supplement articles that appeared in the newsletter with online content such as slide shows, videos, and resource centers.


Annual Report on Prostate Diseases

Annual Report on Prostate Diseases

I also edited Harvard’s Annual Report on Prostate Diseases, a premium subscription publication written for educated consumers. The publication’s goal is to provide multiple perspectives–from patients as well as physicians–about how best to treat prostate cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and prostatitis, as well as related conditions such as erectile dysfunction and low testosterone levels. I also launched an earlier version of this publication, Perspectives on Prostate Disease, which won a 2007 Harvard Medical School Team Award.



Special Health Reports

Special health reports

While at Harvard, I have written and edited a variety of special health reports (in-depth white papers on various health topics). These include:

  • A Guide to Alzheimer’s Disease
  • The Aging Eye
  • Diabetes: A Plan for Living
  • Foot Care Basics
  • Preventing and Treating Kidney Disease
  • Healthy Eating for the Heart



I have ghostwritten three books on health and contributed to a fourth:

  • Neurofibromatosis: A Handbook for Patients, Families, and Health Care Professionals (Thieme Medical Publisher, 2005)
  • The Dana Guide to Brain Health (The Free Press, 2003)
  • Mind Your Heart: A Mind/Body Approach to Stress Management, Exercise and Nutrition for Heart Health (The Free Press, 2004)
  • The Arthritis Action Program: An Integrated Plan of Traditional and Complementary Therapies (Simon & Schuster, 2000)


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