Development and marketing communications

MassGeneral Hospital for Children

Throughout my career, I have written and edited a variety of marketing and development materials, such as brochures, annual reports, and magazines.

Depending on the publication, target audiences included:

  • patients
  • donors
  • general public
  • media
  • physicians
  • referring clinicians
  • policy makers



Examples of my work

The work referenced below is available only in print, so I cannot post electronic versions. I am happy to show these publications in person.

The American College of Rheumatology

Worked with 12 faculty editors at institutions across the country to develop a special supplement on rheumatoid arthritis published in USA Today. The goal was to educate laypeople about how rheumatologists treat various types of arthritis.

The Conference of Boston Teaching Hospitals (COBTH)

Edited a 2001 report on the contributions that the 12 member hospitals of COBTH have made to research and medical advances. This report was developed mainly for policy makers who were then debating reimbursement formulas for teaching hospitals.


Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

As an employee, I launched a biannual newsletter, An Investment in Life, to support a major development effort. I also contributed to the Institute’s quarterly donor magazine, Paths of Progress. As a freelancer, I wrote the Institute’s fiftieth anniversary annual report in 1996.



The Harvard-Partners Center for Human Genetics

I served as writer for the Partners Genetics Advisory Program committee, charged with developing guidelines on genetic testing for members of the institutional review boards at Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, and other Partners hospitals.

Joslin Diabetes Center

Joslin Diabetes Center

I was one of two writers hired to work on Pathways of Discovery, Joslin’s Research Report for 2004 and 2005. This 78-page publication was intended both as a recruiting tool for researchers and a development publication for cultivating donors.


Massachusetts General Hospital

As an employee, I wrote an annual report and contributed to the hospital’s donor magazine. As a freelancer, I wrote marketing brochures and magazine articles for the MGH Cancer Center and helped write a marketing brochure for referring physicians for the MassGeneral Hospital for Children.